English Proofreading – Do You Need It?

Proofreading is the step of writing process that cannot be ignored and should not be neglected. We do understand that you, as the author of your writing, probably feel tired of many hours of researching and writing. However, editing still must be done.

The proofreading tips prepared by academic writers suggest that proofreading and editing should be done at least 2 days after the paper has been written. Why do you need to stay away from your paper for 2 days? The answer is very easy. If you start proofreading or editing your paper right after paper completion, you may ignore your own mistakes.

We receive dozens of messages such as “proofread my paper, please” daily. The majority of our customers do not have 2 or 3 days to devote to proofreading and editing. Thus, you are welcome to turn to our professional editors for urgent help with proofreading.

Free Proofreading – Is It Valuable?

Proofreading is very popular today. There are many websites offering free online proofreading. However, we strongly do not recommend our customers to rely on quality of free proofreading services. You should be aware of the following aspects:

  • Proofreading is done automatically. It means the majority of mistakes remain unnoticed.
  • Free of charge proofreading corrects only mistyped words, which can be easily corrected in any word processing program.
  • This services offered at our website are carried out by experienced editors and proofreaders who pay attention to all types of mistakes, not only to mistyped words.
  • We provide are accompanied with guarantees, such as on time delivery and free communication with the assigned editor.

Thus, as the above list suggests, free online proofreading is not as effective as our services. Moreover, our proofreading services are truly affordable. Of course, you may also take advantage of the free proofreading tips available at our website!

English Proofreading Is Your Solution!

Proper proofreading can be done only by native English speakers. We have very strict requirements for our proofreaders. We do not work with ESL experts because we care about your satisfaction with our assistance. Our proofreaders will impress you with their attentiveness and responsible attitude. Our customer support representatives are always online ready to help! We do care about your grade! Our english services are affordable, while regular customers enjoy significant discounts!